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Do you have questions about creating mosaics? If so, go to the Yahoo Group "Mosaic Artists" where a large group of active folks will help you solve problems or lead you in the right direction.

It appears the "Mosaic Artists" group no longer exists. This is a link to the search results for mosaic artists in Yahoo Groups. I don't personally know which groups are best, but this may give you a starting point.

Sorry, but due to the volume of email received from several websites I manage, I cannot answer 'how-to' questions from individuals.

Lundy Wilder

Lundy Wilder - Designer and Occasional Mosaic Artist


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My Business: Villa Lagoon Tile - The leading source of decorative cement tile.

My other sites: - Photos of mosaics from a trip to Europe and some U.S. locations. - Over 3000 printable craft pages.

DAC-ART Building System - The Construction Blog of my home, Phase I - Phase II of my hurricane-proof home.

Clic Magnetic Reading Glasses - I LOVE these inexpensive indestructible reading glasses with a magnet closure in front.

For beach vacationers, I have a few about the local area:

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Orange Beach, Alabama

The Wharf - Orange Beach

Perdido Key, Florida

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