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European Church Mosaics and Mosaic Floors

If you have only one wish from the genie in the bottle, it should be to go to Europe to have the opportunity to see, first hand, for yourself, the unbelievable mosaics in the churches and cathedrals in Italy, Spain, France and elsewhere. If you don't think you will have access to a genie any time soon--start saving !!

I have only had the chance to travel to a few European countries, but I can only say that I was completely 'blown away' by the mosaics I have seen so far. Because it is so much better to see really large photos of these huge church mosaics, and big photos take large amounts of server space, I have uploaded the big version to a separate, free site, and will link the small shot here to the big one there. Remember too, that if you are using XP, you will usually be able to also, click again to increase the Blogspot photo even more.

Additionally, I have found on the web, some awesome Virtual Reality panorama photography of some of Europe's cathedrals. This site will require that you have a broadband connection, I do believe, to successfully download and view these incredible 'you are there' views...but I kid-you-not, it is worth picking up the phone and ordering DSL or cable internet right this minute just for these views. And hey, it is a lot cheaper than airfare & hotels and you'll never go back to dial-up once you experience broadband.

Milan Italy's Duomo Cathedral

Great Mosaic

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June 10, 2014
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