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Shown here are some mosaic design ideas that could be either a part of a shower or bath enclosure, kitchen, home or garden wall, or created as separate panels to hang on a house or garden wall.

These illustrations were made using computer software, so the tiles are shown as more tiny than they would need to be to give the desired look. The software only 'knows' how to do various functions, but is handy to help one visualize how a particular design might look in mosaic even though in reality the actual tile placement will vary considerably. I used CorelDraw to produce these.

fishpanelmosaic.jpg (36825 bytes)

shellpanelmosaic.jpg (213212 bytes)

mermaid_with_shell_mosaic_effect.jpg (145206 bytes)


Imagine either of these first panels
in the center of a bath or shower
enclosure. The remaining wall
surfaces could be regular ceramic tile.
Adding even a small panel of mosaics
to a bath will achieve a great classic
look at a reasonable price.

Mosaic borders are another way to bring classic design into a room or bathroom. Only one example is shown here, but the possibilities are limited only by ones imagination.

border2mosaic.jpg (132502 bytes)

border2mosaicbluespurplesmosaic.jpg (132277 bytes)

Other possible design directions

abstract1mosaic.jpg (140583 bytes)

Abstracts and whimsical designs make mosaics with a modern touch.

flamingopanelmosaic.jpg (56818 bytes)

palm_panel_mosaic.jpg (53338 bytes)

Scenic mosaics can add visual space and 'fresh air' to a tight location.


Great Mosaic

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June 10, 2014
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