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mosaic_fish_scale_floor.jpg (34687 bytes) This is a beautiful mosaic floor of a restaurant in Orange Beach, Alabama. It is made from 3/4 in. glass tiles and has held up well everywhere, except near the bar area where the legs of iron barstools have put too much concentrated "pounds per" and the constant scooting up and back of the sharp barstool legs have caused the tiles to crumble and shatter.

The fish scale pattern is popular in coastal areas, and is used extensively in Italy on city streets where cobblestones are arranged like this.

The difference color can make in a floor tile design:

Zillij or Arabic interwoven floor tile designs

More on Moroccan Mosaic work here.

Here several different varriations that can be achieved from the same basic tile pattern. I tried to choose one that could be made from mostly squares, or squares cut into diagonals...if you stand back and 'squint' you can get the idea of how the pattern would look repeated on a real floor.
Click on the line drawing to go to a print-friendy version.

tessalation-1.gif (4057 bytes)
tessalation-1-pnk-blk-blu.gif (10170 bytes) tessalation-1-blu-wht-purp.gif (15448 bytes) tessalation-1-red-wht-tan.gif (16564 bytes)
tessalation-1-blk-grn-aqua.gif (11579 bytes) tessalation-1-blk-red-tan.gif (11595 bytes) tessalation-1-blu-wht-aqua.gif (15004 bytes)
tessalation-1-blu-tourq-wht.GIF (22893 bytes) tessalation-1-blu-wht-2.GIF (14929 bytes) tessalation-1-blu-wht-orn.GIF (15341 bytes)
tessalation-1-red-blu-yel-wht.GIF (8949 bytes)  tessalation-1-red-blu-yel-wht-2.GIF (9166 bytes)  tessalation-1-yel-blu-blu.GIF (15479 bytes)
tessalation-1-yel-blu-blu-2.GIF (14996 bytes) tessalation-1-yel-blu-blu-2-16.gif (14472 bytes) tessalation-1-yel-wht-grn.gif (9022 bytes)
Isn't it amazing how many different looks can be achieved with one basic pattern--varing the lights and darks makes a huge difference as does leaving the star shape all in one color, or breaking it up into two or more   colors.

To print this basic pattern Click Here

To play with an online interactive tile pattern maker, Click Here

More on Moroccan Mosaic Zellij (Zillij) work here.

These books may jump start your imagination !!

book-ceramic-tile-setting.jpg (8712 bytes) book-country-floors.jpg (9487 bytes) book-old-english-tile-designs.jpg (11599 bytes) book-medieval-tile-designs.jpg (12315 bytes)
book-decorative-tile-designs.jpg (8652 bytes) book-arabic-geometric-pattern-design.jpg (9606 bytes) book-great-ideas-tile.jpg (8450 bytes) book-designing-interiors-tile.jpg (8428 bytes)
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