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One of the coolest things on the web--is the free online java applet of  Taprats to create your own tessellation. Perfect for a mosaic floor design of your own making. After playing with the design software for a while, I used the keyboard Alt + Print Screen to put a copy of the one I made on my computer clipboard, then pasted it into a graphics program to crop &  print.
Thank you Craig S. Kaplan for such a way cool interactive web thingie.

Lots of Mosaic Resources and Supplies

Unglazed solid body small ceramic mosaic tiles:

Marble and Natural Stone Tiles:

Mosaic Net Backing:

Glass:  Tiles of All Types:
        Many sell tools also

Mosaic Software

Smalti & Millifiore Glass Tiles:

Unusual Tiles:

Manufacturers who contact me (probably wholesale only)--

  • MM Stoneworth India-offers various types of stone, marble and pre-made mosaic inserts, borders, etc.marbles, sand stones,stone artifacts,mosaic & murals,soapstone handicraft slate stones, slate, marble table tops, marble countertops,cultured marble,granite tiles, granite slabs
  • SenYuan Glass--Want to establish your own brand of glass mosaic tile? This co manufacturing says it has OEM orders for many world famous brand names from Europe and US. Since the start in 2001, SenYuan has grown globally to serve customers in 20 countries. The customers are major retailers, interior designers, contractors, builders, decorators, remodelers , homeowners ,purchasing cooperatives and wholesalers in Europe, North America, Middle East, Australasia and Japan, etc.

Mosaic Construction Instruction:

Mosaic Kits:

Table Bases,Wrought Iron, Sinks for Mosaics, etc:

Great or Interesting Examples of Mosaics

Mosaic Artists & Portfolios

Glass Info Resources

Ready Made Imported Mosaics

  • designs, mostly medallions, backsplashes and similar. Images look rather stiff.


There are four mosaic associations you should consider joining. All are useful for contacts, exhibitions and newsletters.

BAMM: British Association for Modern Mosaics

SAMA: Society of American Mosaic Artists

MOZ-OZ: Mosaic Association of Australia

MAAC: Mosaic Art Association of Canada


Mosaic Instruction School in Italy--Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli of Spilimbergo (Pordenone)-Founded in 1922, the School of Mosaic stands committed to mosaic art educational mission, binding tradition and innovation, connecting the productive and cultural contests of this ancient and contemporary art.

Mosaic Artists Discussion Group--very active--you need to join--it's free

Mosaic Matters is an online newsletter for everything mosaic. It is produced in London, England and updatedregularly.

Society of American Mosaic Artists
share in the enjoyment of mosaic art with mosaic enthusiasts from around the world

Mosiaco Network --action packed international site
British Association for Modern Mosaic

Construction Forum for good Q & A info: John Bridge Services

Before I began to cut my own tiles from stained glass, I ordered many times thru eBay. I found great service and quality products from very nice people. It seems most people selling tiles on eBay do so to earn extra money to support their hobby.

The ideal building system for a home to showcase mosaics, DAC-ART Building System, Precast Architectural Concrete Stone for a maintanence-free classic look and extreme strength and timelessness.

Phase II of the project above, Gulf coast hurricane proof house, using mosaic cement tile floors.


Great Mosaic

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