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Recently completed mosaic projects include:

kitchen_mosaic_panel.jpg (74672 bytes)

This mosaic panel is 2" x 4" and hanging on the kitchen wall in our recently completed small DAC-ART vacation house in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It is glass tiles mounted on a piece of exterior grade plywood and grouted in a very dark shade of charcoal. The panel hangs high over the stove between two tall windows.

The sun/moon shape and the flowers are done in iridescent tiles and the foliage  tiles on the upper left are all circular, giving a nice leafy texture.

The Shower

mosaic_shower_stitchedsmall.jpg (50549 bytes)

This small mosaic shower took about 6 months of work, on an 'on and off' basis. The ceiling is mirrored and gives one the '60 ft. under' effect when standing in it and looking up.

The floor of the mosaic shower is sand colored tiles with various sea shells and sea bottom creatures such as a starfish &  crab.

Many of the individual fish and sea creatures are done in iridescent tiles purchased on eBay. There are 4 web pages of very detailed photos and installation tips on our small vacation home construction site.

This project was a combination of small panels completed in the 'direct method' on netting and  applied to the shower cement backer-board walls. I also had to glue many tiles individually to the corner areas of the shower to tie the pre-made panels together.

Check out  Apopka, Florida  mosaic artist, Chris Carey's cool fish: mosaic-fish-chris-carey

Great Mosaic

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June 10, 2014
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