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Mosaics of St Peters Basilica in the Vatican City, Rome, Italy

The Mosaics at St Peters Basilica in the Vatican City have to be the most fabulous mosaics in the entire world--without a doubt. I had been there once before and I had been what I thought was a pretty keen observer, but I had no idea that what looks like paintings on the incredibly tall ceilings, are, actually totally mosaics. I would never have know if my traveling companion and I had not gotten in the wrong line due to our not speaking Italian and our total confusion in the July crowds. We thought we were simply in a line to get in the front door--the security being a bit beefed up since my previous visit--but we were, in fact in a line to climb to the tip-top of the dome of St Peters Cathedral. It basically took all day. Climbing the ultra narrow winding passageways around the dome up to the cupola on the tip-top of Saint Peters allowed us to see and do something that not many visitors to Rome get to do.  Now that I think about it, not many visitors are probably capable of it !!

These photos can be clicked to see the bigger image. 

Outside of St. Peters, waiting in the long line, we passed a corridor whose wall had mosaic panels. It was so crowded in July, that it was very difficult to photo these. 

Each panel was a scene from the life of Christ. I doubt if I have them in the right order here. 

The Scripture reference was given on the small metal plaque under each mosaic.
To really see these, click them to see the big photo.

More photos of St Peters added soon...


Great Mosaic

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June 10, 2014
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