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Even tho Ravenna Italy is famous for mosaics, Rome Italy just has to be the city with the most fabulous mosaics. St. Peters alone would probably 'take the cake'. The underground subway system called the Metro has long mosaic panels throughout the passageways. Some seem to be identified with the title and artist. Here is a typical way in which the mosaics decorate and provide a durable wall surface. 

Click on each of these photos to see the large version of the mosaics photo. These were all taken in the very busy month of July and it was difficult to find  an opportunity to take a photograph when the mosaics did not have a bunch of people in front. Plus there was low light and I had to stand too far back for flash to do much good. A tripod was out of the question at the time of day and month I was there. Rome's Metro Subway system is not too large, so if you go for a visit, just buy a ticket that allows you to ride all day and hop on and off at different stops. Many of the mosaics are near the street entrances to the Metro system. There is an amazing amount of detail within the solid areas of color in these abstract designs. I did see at least one mosaic wall panel that was labeled, but I don't think all were. Of all the tourist books that I saw for sale, none seemed to address the mosaics of the city specifically.

Rome Italy Metro Mosaics   Wall Mosaics--Rome Italy Underground System   Detail--Roma, Italia Subway Mosaics   

Mosaic Photos-Rome Italy   detail-mosaics in Rome, Italy Subway Walls   Abstract mosaics in Italy, Rome--Subway Walls

 Modern Contemporary Mosaics in Italy   Mosaics sign-Italy Underground   Rome Metro System Tunnel Mosaics Photos

Detail of Mosaics in Rome   Glass Mosaics in Roman Subway   Close-up of Roman Mosaics in Metro System   Metro entrance in Rome Italy

Click Photos to see full size photos of Roman Mosaics in the Metro System

Photos of Rome Italy Metro Mosaics taken July 2005

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