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Because this website is easily found in search, we get emails from many suppliers of mosaic tiles from around the world. A lot of them are from China, but not all. We cannot vouch for any of the listings here, but offer them in a convienent spot since some would be hard to locate in an ordinatry web search. If you want to purchase a large supply of mosaic tile but not an entire 20' continer, consider contancting the company directly to inquire if they have any other customers who might let you order thru them.

Carsen glass tile for mosaicsCarsen Irridescent glass tile

Carsen Mosaic Tile logo
Foshan Carsen Building Material Co. Ltd. -Supplier of iridescent glass tile. Also 100% recycled glass, crackle glass tile, English Version Website.   Loads slowly, and is difficult to navigate in FireFox. Contact:

Homee Glass Mosaic Tile Homme glass tile from China Homee Mosaic logo
Homee Industries Co., Limited (Foshan)--Glass Mosaic | Metal Mosaic | Mirror Mosaic | Stone Mosaic-"Homee is a direct manufacturer and also a direct exporter. We have our own exporting license wich enables us to be flexible in handling any size orders and combined shipment. Customers do not need to pay middleman for any purchase from us.". Contact: Website, loaded quickly for me.
Tenjum pink sea shell mosaic tile Tenjun shell mosaic tile from China

Tenjun shell tile logoTenjun Shell Arts & Crafts Co. --Sea shell mosaic tile, "shell tile and shell mosaic are Paua, Black MOP, Gold MOP, White MOP, Abalone, Chinese River Shell, US Pink Shell," Main website

but you may have better luck at this subsite

Chengdu Henysh mosaic glass tiles Purple glass msoaic tile from China

Chinese mosaic exporter logo
Chengdu Henysh Building Materials Co.,Ltd. -" a company which mainly conducts scientific research and development, manufacture and sales in mosaic, Our primary products include common glass link mosaic, metal mosaic, marble mosaic, golden glass mosaic and silver glass mosaic and other luxury decorating materials." or




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