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This site has been created to promote the use of mosaics in architecture and give you basic mosaic instruction, design ideas, and links to sources of specific mosaic supplies worldwide. Having finished a mosaic shower of underwater scenes as my first mosaic project, I learned a great deal which I can pass along here -- YOU can learn from MY mistakes!

Mosaic is an ancient and enduring art that can be seen in many locations throughout the world surviving for centuries. Mosaic surfaces display great variety of design and patterns creating unique practical and hardwearing surfaces. We hope to promote the use of mosaics in architectural applications as well as decorative objects.

Mosaic tile designs have been decorating architecture since the beginning of recorded history. Tile designs can be patterns with repeating designs like the ones used in the Roman Empire to floor their great structures or figural, telling a story just as a stained glass window might.. Designs done in mosaic sometimes include animals, people, and scenes of nature, but are not limited to these. Designs in pools and fountains give a timelessness to classy construction.

All sorts of things have been used for mosaics. People have employed objects as irregular as pebbles and as uniform as square glass mosaic tiles with outstanding results. The designs on floors are usually done with ceramic tiles and natural stones that are smooth to the touch and nice to walk on. Designs on walls can have texture and roughness not compatible with floor installations. Some wall mounted mosaics are done on boards and others are actually the wall, with mortar and grout holding it together.

Imagination and inspiration make for the most unique designs and simple checks can accent already interesting architecture. The art of mosaic is not lost! Through centuries of expression and experimentation, strong and lasting techniques have been developed. Creating mosaic tile designs using ancient techniques is a perfect way to make a lasting impression on those who will enjoy them. Let us help you customize your home, vacation home or office with the timeless beauty of mosaics.

Some of the earliest know mosaics are Greek from the 3rd century B.C.. Mosaics became widespread throughout the Roman world. The famous mosaics of Ravenna, Italy created from bits of glass around the 6th century, still shine with the bright colors of the glass, unlike painted frescos that are softly faded. Those mosaic tile designs that depict stories from the Bible still tell the story just a clearly as they did centuries ago.

The word "mosaic" derives from the Greek: "patient work, worthy of the Muses".

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